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Horton Community Farm

Transforming 1.75 acres of the underused Cecil Avenue Allotments into a thriving permaculture centre for affordable local food, environmental education and horticultural therapy.

At the moment, the site on Cecil Avenue Allotments is mainly overgrown jungle with the derelict remains of glass and brick buildings. So far we've removed over 22 tonnes of rubbish.  Our exciting plans for the future include a community area with starter plots, a straw-bale building, a large edible forest garden, a nature area and polytunnels.

Contact: Jonathan Pollard


United Kingdom
53° 47' 2.04" N, 1° 46' 38.8056" W


Do you have trees or bushes with more fruit or nuts than you know what to do with?

We do the harvesting, you take what you want and the rest we give away to the local community!

Project run entirely by volunteers. If you are interested in helping or know of groups that can make use of the produce please use the online contact form at:




United Kingdom
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