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Gift a Tree: Trees planted for all occasions

Gift a Tree with Forest of Bradford

For a gift with a difference that will last for generations and benefit our local environment why not 'Gift a Tree'. For just £10 we will plant a native broad leaf tree as part of a new woodland within Bradford district. We will ensure the establishment of your tree with a three year maintenance programme.

You will receive a card to mark your contribution to which you can add a personal message. You can even come and plant the tree yourself on one of our community tree planting days during Winter.

Why Gift a Tree?

Trees provide… new wildlife habitats, attractive green spaces, cleaner air, employment opportunities, a source of renewable energy and reduce flooding risks. They also create a sense of well being. How many gifts offer all this?
Forest of Bradford is an innovative community woodland project, working to increase woodland/tree cover in the Bradford District.

If you would like to Gift a Tree for Christmas, a birthday, wedding, anniversary, bereavement or any other event either visit our website or call or email us for further details.


Tel: 01274 253440

Forest of Bradford is a Bradford Environmental Action Trust project.

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