waste wood collection

Waste Wood Collection

My wood collection service is cheaper than skip hire, and 0% goes to landfill. The charge is £12 per cubic yard with a minimum collection charge of £100. Any form of wood waste is taken, even if contaminated with paint or nails etc... The waste wood is brought back to my site and sorted. I reuse as much as I can. Some is sold back to the DIY trade at very low prices. One way I do this is using this website; www.woodsheets.co.uk Some waste wood will be made into new products such as compost bins and chicken coops. What cannot be reused in some way will either be taken to be chipped and turned into chipboard. Or some will be chipped and turned into compost, so I also take green waste.

Waste carrier license number; EAN/954689

Phone: 077 601 601 65

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