Habitat Management/Creation

We manage and create habitats for wildlife. We can offer this service or support and advise community groups and businesses. We manage two of our own sites (BEES Urban Nature Reserve and Bowling Park Community Orchard) and work on behalf of the Council's Countryside and Rights of Way team to manage areas such as Boars Well Urban Wildlife Area, Baildon Moor, Brackenhill Urban Landscape Area and Reevy Mill Dam. More about these places can be found on BEES website.
Most of this work is done with the BEES Conservation Volunteer Volunteer Group which meets once a week. We are able to include new projects in this programme or work directly with other community groups to create wildlife habitats and support groups in developing a sustainable management plan for areas. The extent of any project undertaken will vary and will depend on funding available and, more importantly, the scope for managing the project in the future.

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