Lower Fields

Lower Fields Primary School has extensive grounds which they are using to extend their classrooms into an outdoor activity centre. A neglected nature area was transformed as part of the E Schools project as well as development of a horticultural area.

Cathy Fowler works at the school, facilitating the weekly gardening club and supporting school staff with outdoor sessions. She also oversees the management of the outdoor areas.

Facilities include:


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Habitat Heroes

Aim: To increase, and sustain, the involvement of children, young people and the wider community in their natural heritage.

Habitat Heroes does this through:

  • Enhancing their awareness and understanding of biodiversity
  • Embedding biodiversity in the formal and informal curriculum of schools and community learning opportunities.
  • Practical creation of habitats in the school grounds leaving a legacy for the future.
  • Promoting enjoyment of wildlife areas.


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BEES Conservation Volunteer Group

BEES runs a conservation volunteer programme that works across the Bradford District one day each week. We work on Fridays and occasionally on weekends. We manage a number of urban and urban fringe sites for the benefit of wildlife and local people. These include BEES Urban Nature Reserve, Bowling Park Community Orchard, Boars Well Urban Wildlife Reserve and Baildon Moor. No previous experience is necessary; training will be given on the day. Please follow this link to the current programme www.bees-ymca.org.uk


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