BEF Representatives

Elected BEF Representatives on Bradford District Assembly Steering Group

Carlton Smith (Bradford Community Environment Project) 01274 223236
Emma Hill (Bradford Environmental Action Trust) 01274 487270

If you are interested in becoming a BEF Representative then please talk to Emma Hill, Carlton Smith or Julia Pearson to get a better description of the 'job description'. Any individual from a Full Member Organisation (locally managed, third sector organisation) can put themself forward; elections occur at the AGM, in 2012 this will be held on 21st March.

BEF Coordinator

Since October 2011 the BEF coordinator role has been significantly reduced due to limitations in funding. For several months BEF has not received any financial support so any BEF activity has relied on members and member organisations. BEF Reps have now been sucessful in securing a small amount of money from CNet to enable some key functions to be coordinated.

BCEP will be coordinating BEF meetings and be responsible for the general upkeep of the website. Please contact 01274 223236