West Yorkshire Organic Group

West Yorkshire Organic Group Contact Information

We aim to promote interest in organic gardening and farming in West Yorkshire, because these methods protect the environment, conserve natural habitats, maintain a rich genetic diversity, sustain the soil and produce food which is free from potentially harmful chemicals.

We are affiliated to the Soil Association and Garden Organic (formerly the Henry Doubleday Research Association).

Address:3 Melville Grove
Ben Rhydding
LS29 8NX

Email: b.r.ford [at] bradford.ac.uk

Website: freespace.virgin.net/yks.org


United Kingdom
53° 55' 33.5316" N, 1° 48' 7.9128" W


The West Yorkshire Organic Group is working to help local people:-

    * buy organic food
    * grow their own
    * learn more about the value of organic growing to the environment.

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