Conservation Management Centre

CMC Contacts

Peter Boyd

Phone: 01274 308707

Address: Conservation Management Centre, School of Management Practice, Forster Community College, Bradford, BD1 4EL


The Conservation Management Centre is part of the School of Management Practice and aims to support an innovative approach to the development of management skills.  It will help provide a link between public, voluntary and private sectors and will work in partnership to promote sustainable conservation land management.

The Conservation Management Centre:

~ Specialises in Ecological Land Management Projects and Training
~ Manages a network of "Urban Green Sites" as examples of good practice
~ Helps develop conservation areas to Local and Regional Environmental/Sustainability Strategies
~ Develops ongoing partnerships
Provides a consultancy service offering information and advice
~ Develops informal learning networks to initiate the sharing of ideas, practice and policy across the various sectors
~ Provides a Coaching/Mentoring service for front-line Environmental Managers

The Centre has recently gained the Duke of York's Community Initiative Award, which recognises best practice in Community Enterprise and Leadership


United Kingdom
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The Cathedral Centre runs a well-established and successful practical conservation programme which offers unique learning opportunities for a diverse range of people including those with special needs.

For further information please visit the Cathedral Centre website at this address: