Buttershaw Millennium Green Trust

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The Buttershaw Millennium Green Trust is responsible for looking after the Green until the year 3000! Under the terms of the lease, the land can not be developed for any other purpose in that time. The Trust was constituted on the 6th of December 1999 and is a not for profit organisation made up of people from the local community. It meets every two months to deal with the business of the trust. This could be reporting on the finances, making sure the insurance is up to date, monitoring the upkeep of the green and planning events.

Buttershaw Millennium Green Trust
c/o Royds Community Association
Royds Enterprise Park
Future Fields

Phone 01274 418006
Chair: Keith Thomson
Email:  keith.thomson5 [at] btinternet.com
Website: www.buttershawmillenniumgreen.org.uk


United Kingdom
53° 45' 58.932" N, 1° 47' 34.1916" W