Bradford Community Environment Project (BCEP)

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BCEP (Bradford Community Environment Project) Our aim is to contribute to the sustainable regeneration of Bradford, through effective environmental programmes, inspired by community need.

Bradford Community Environment Project
Unit 13, Carlisle Business Centre
60 Carlisle Road

Phone: 01274 223236

Fax: 01274 223353

Email: info [at]



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Adventurous Play Experience (APE)

Aim: To enable children to explore their own potential and that of recycled materials and the environment, through adventurous play with recycled items of various shapes, sizes and materials.


Available to all young people in the Bradford District up to the age of 18 years. The aim of the project is to be culturally neutral and suitable for all abilities.



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Butterfly Soup

Aims: To connect children with their natural environment and build confidence through play.

Participants are encouraged to explore local spaces such as parks and woodlands, through play sessions provided by the Butterfly Soup team. Activities are tailored to specific groups and a flexible approach is used to meet the needs of the children. From this, children develop a respect and appreciation for the natural environment and the creatures that live there.

Funding Body: Big Lottery Fund -Playful Ideas Programme


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Cycle Champions

Bradford is one of the thirteen areas in England funded by CTC to promote cycling as a sustainable travel alternative.

Aim: To encourage thousands of Bradfordians to jump on their bike when undertaking local (2 miles or under) journeys, rather than slumping in their cars. 50% of car journeys in Bradford are of 2 miles or less. The programme will promote the personal (and planet) health benefits of cycling, as well as promoting it as a low stress, safe, sociable and fun activity.


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Food Links Network (FLINT)

Aim: To establish and support community bulk-buy fruit and vegetable groups through giving advice and training, supplying equipment and the bulk-buy5 A Day purchasing scheme.


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Grow Organic

Aim: To promote healthy eating and exercise through growing food


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Grow Organic - Community

Aim:The programme reduces inequalities in health and wellbeing by targeting hard to reach groups of Asian women and other community members from Bradford and district’s most deprived communities and engaging them in food growing life, other enhancing physical activities and healthy family lifestyle education. programme workers directly support group development and engagement.


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Habitat Heroes

Aim: To increase, and sustain, the involvement of children, young people and the wider community in their natural heritage.

Habitat Heroes does this through:

  • Enhancing their awareness and understanding of biodiversity
  • Embedding biodiversity in the formal and informal curriculum of schools and community learning opportunities.
  • Practical creation of habitats in the school grounds leaving a legacy for the future.
  • Promoting enjoyment of wildlife areas.


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Lower Fields

Lower Fields Primary School has extensive grounds which they are using to extend their classrooms into an outdoor activity centre. A neglected nature area was transformed as part of the E Schools project as well as development of a horticultural area.

Cathy Fowler works at the school, facilitating the weekly gardening club and supporting school staff with outdoor sessions. She also oversees the management of the outdoor areas.

Facilities include:


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Urban Design Team

Aim: To improve the physical and natural environment of Bradford through sustainable, environmentally friendly, creative and innovative design inspired by Community needs.

Over the past 8 years BCEP’s Urban Design Team has developed a reputation for high quality Landscape Design based upon engaging Community Consultation.


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Environmental volunteering (BCEP)

Opportunities for volunteers are flexible. Any contribution from a volunteer is valued and makes a difference. The main focus of volunteering with BCEP is to raise awareness of environmental issues within communities and to develop the skills of volunteers.

We are based at the Carlisle Business Centre but a lot of work takes place in different locations such as community/youth spaces and schools around the district.

If you wish to register as a volunteer or discuss the possibilities further, please contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator on 01274 720353 to arrange a meeting.