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Cyclists Commuting Together

It's not really a bus, it's bicycles! BUT like a bus we have a set route and a timetable, so cyclists can jump on and off the bus along the route.

The Bike Bus is for anyone who wants to cycle along the Aire Valley. Particularly we want to:

  • Encourage people to Commute by Bike
  • Benefit from Safety in Numbers
  • Share our Commute with Friends

All contact is currently by email and via the website:

Email: info[at]


United Kingdom
53° 52' 5.3364" N, 1° 54' 7.614" W

Aire Valley Bike Bus

The Aire Valley Bike Bus aims to make the morning commute by bicycle, safer and enjoyable.

We do this by cycling as a group, along a fixed route and to a fixed timetable. That way people can join for part or all of their journey to work.

Details of

  • how to ride with the bike bus
  • how to get involved
  • latest routes and timetables, and more...

can be found at the website:


United Kingdom
53° 47' 35.6964" N, 1° 45' 7.7328" W