World - climate change "speeding toward irreversible tipping points"

The speed and scope of global warming is now overtaking even the most sobering predictions of the last report of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change, finds a new report issued by the United Nations Environment Programme, entitled "Climate Change

A set of facts compiled in association with scientists around the world, the report comes less than 75 days before the crucial UN climate convention meeting in Copenhagen. There world leaders are expected to agree on a new treaty limiting greenhouse gas emissions to replace the Kyoto Protocol, which expires at the end of 2012.

This new analysis of the latest, peer-reviewed science indicates that many predictions at the upper end of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change's forecasts are becoming more likely. Some events thought likely to occur in the long-term are already happening or will happen far sooner than had previously thought, the report shows.


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