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Job opportunity - Community Environment Worker

For more information please download the attachment.

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Permaculture Design Course, Bfd Uni

Permaculture design course
Fridays 1-5pm, Bradford Uni, From Now!
With Andy Goldring and Suzi High

Email Rhys if interested: rhskell2 [at] bradford [dot] ac [dot] uk (symbols changed in email address to avoid spam).

Urgently needs students. See below for more details.
> How much time will the course take up each week?
> The new Permaculture Design Course Module will be timetabled on a
> Friday afternoon, from 1pm-5pm. Thus, there will typically be 4 hours
> contact time per week. In addition to this, there will be a whole-day
> field visit timetabled during ‘directed study week’. You will have
> some tasks to complete between classes – for example, recording
> observations of a natural system within a specific site, to inform a
> design process, or reading tasks relating to the sessions.
> How will the course be assessed?
> The assessment for the course is a portfolio, which will mostly
> consist of the material produced over the course of the semester –
> e.g. a growing site observation exercise – and a group design
> presentation. Thus, much of the work for the portfolio will be
> distributed across the semester in relatively small tasks.
> Do I need any prior knowledge or skills in food growing/gardening,
> ecology, etc?
> No. The aim of the course is to bring you to a level where you could
> create and evaluate an effective permaculture design. This is more
> about demonstrating understanding of permaculture principles, rather
> than actually doing successful growing. Enthusiasm and interest in
> learning are the best prerequisites.
> How do I register?
> Please contact me.
> Rhys

Assembly Week, BEF event ,10:10: Active involvement in environmental change

BEF will be hosting an event at Assembly Week on Monday 22nd February, 4 - 8 pm. 

The event will be an evening of advice, tips and information that will enable groups and individuals to find out how they can contribute to positive environmental change.

This is a great opportunity to meet with local organisations that enable positive environmental action in the Bradford District. 

For more information and to book a place at the event please see the event page.

Bradford District Assembly Rep Elections

Voting is now open for the Bradford District Assembly Rep Elections.

Visit the CNet website to download the candidate list/biographies and ballot paper.

Groups/organisations must be registered with DIVA to vote, only one vote per group/organisation. 

Deadline for ballot papers to be returned to CNet: Thursday 18th February 2010.

Inaugural Bradford Green Drinks

The first Bradford Green Drinks will be taking place at the Love Apple Cafe on Wednesday 3rd February.  For more information please see the event page.

Land based co-op group forming

Meeting: Sunday 17th January, 1pm, 41 Cecil Avenue, Great Horton, Bradford.

A chance to get together, meet people interested in forming a land based co-op, and find out what everyone wants from it. Come along even if it's just to find out what one is!

Soup provided.

Please email to confirm your attendance or just if you want to be kept in the loop: jonathan_pollard [getridofthispart] AT hotmail DOT co DOT uk (email address symbols changed to avoid spam).

Info about the idea:
I want to spread the word about a land-based co-op I'm setting up ideally near Bradford as that is where I'm from but I would consider elsewhere depending on the group we get together.  I've already had some promising interest. Anyone who wants to get involved please let me know! Below is what I'm thinking but this will be a project for every member to plan so please let me know your ideas. When there are at least a handful of people I will call a meeting for us all to meet each other and find out what everyone wants from it. The process is to set up a legal structure, make a business plan, find land, perhaps get a loan from Radical Routes for the deposit and take out a mortgage with the Ecology Society probably. There's more to it than that obviously but we can make it happen!

Aims (some are aims over a long period of time as they won't be possible straight off the bat):
Create a permaculture plan for the whole site after a long period of observation.
Grow as much of our own needs as possible (food, fuel, timber).
To rely on the sun's energy (in growing things, passive solar heating, solar panels etc).
A large forest garden.
A large coppice.
Produce no waste.
Produce renewable electricity on site.
Consensus decision making.
Multiple generations able to be part of the community.
Able to take visitors.
All building work we undertake to use local materials (eg earth, wood, stone) and a high ecological standard.
Create resilience in response to peak oil and climate change.
Minimise fossil fuel usage but use it where appropriate to work towards the above aims.
The possibility of running environmental businesses on site.

My motivations are to enhance and protect the land, live as a community and grow our own needs first and foremost. I think now is the time to sink what money we can get (from part time jobs and benefits can also go towards it) in to something that will provide for ourselves and future generations. I think collective ownership is important so that we can reap the rewards from all the work we invest. A co-op structure means that we are our own landlords and people are free to move in and out without needing to be bought out.

It's a project to live on the land, as I believe this is the best way of getting to know the land and being able to observe it and respond to changes that occur. For homes, I like to think of cob buildings (which uitilses earth) and using local wood and stone. Ambitious though! Different sites will have different possibilities and planning permission is difficult although I know of a fair few precedents elsewhere. All 5 of the land based co-ops that I have visited have some sort of very large farmhouse or old mansion where everyone lives. They eat money in maintenance but at least you can move in straight away.

Anyway, that's all I can think of right now. Originally I just wanted a housing co-op in the city but I thought I might as well and go the whole 9 yards 'cos our monetary system and reliance on fossil fuels don't seem up to much to me. And I though about moving to an existing one but this is a chance create a whole new permaculture site! The more land in the hands of environmentalists the better and we need as many working examples as possible to convince others another way is possible. Hope to hear from you!

Jonathan Pollard

Next BEF meeting - change of time

The next BEF meeting is scheduled for 12th January. There has been a change of time - it will be held at 9am rather than 3pm as had been listed in the events calendar. Details here.

Recruitment of an Occasional Community Environment Worker

BCEP are currently recruiting an Occasional Community Environment Worker to support our Grow Organic programme:

•    click here for job advert and further details

Closing date for applications is noon, Monday 14th December 2009.
We will accept application forms by post or email (please email well ahead of the closing date and time to guarantee delivery before noon).

Interviews will take place on the morning of Friday 18th December 2009 at Carlisle Business Centre.

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‘Scrutiny of Bradford Council’s Carbon Management’ by Environment and Waste Improvement Committee

‘Scrutiny of Bradford Council’s Carbon Management’

Tuesday 8th December sees the launch of the Council's Carbon Management report.

The guest speaker at the launch will be Tom Cumberlege, Public Sector Manager at the Carbon Trust.  Tom will be speaking about the challenges for local authorities and what can and is already being achieved nationally to cut carbon emissions.
The launch will take place at 5pm in the Saville Room, City Hall to coincide with the start of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, where world leaders and experts will meet to agree targets on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. 

To quote the report:

"Bradford Council should … be applauded for the ambitious way that it has begun to review its carbon management and for contemplating radical changes in its response to climate change. This report is a positive contribution to that vital review".

The full report will shortly be posted at the following link:

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that the wrong date the next Improvement Committee meeting was posted on the events calendar. It is on the 16th Dec, not 9th Dec. Sorry.

Sustainable Cities Index 2009

Bradford slips again in the sustainable cities index:


2008= equal 10th

2009= 16th!

What is every other major city doing that Bradford isn't....


To read the full report follow the link  Click here

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