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BEF Annual Members' Survey

At this time of year we ask our members to complete an evaluation survey to assess how effective BEF has been over the past year.

The survey is attached: please complete and return to

 Thank you.

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Starting your own allotment course

Want to start an allotment? 

Need a few tips and hints? 

Not sure where to start? 

This new monthly course will get you growing!  Also, for those still waiting for their own  allotment, small starter plots will be made available. 

First session Sat 9 April, 10-12.00 on Scotchman Road Allotments - whatever the weather, so come dressed for it! 

Contact Jane Robinson for more details
01274 223236.

British Science Festival

Did you know the British Science Festival is being hosted in Bradford in September 2011? With over 80,000 anticipated visitors across the Festival we want to get Bradford’s communities and organisations involved. Would you like to host an event at your community venue? Suggest topics or types of events we could run during the Festival? Plan a trip for your organisation to the Festival ? Showcase any science, nature, technology or social science your organisation is involved  in?

Then come to an informal reception on Thursday 17 February, 16.00 – 17.00 at Grange Interlink in the seminar room, where you can find out about the Festival, talk to the Festival team, collaborate with other organisations or just have your say.

To book a place at this event please email or telephone 01274 236772.

Bradford Environment Partnership disbanded

Following the decision to disband the Environment partnership of the Local Strategic Partnership, a proposal for the way forward is attached and the chair issued the following letter...

 Dear Colleagues

Those of you who were able to attend yesterday’s meeting will be aware that following a review by the Bradford District Partnership Board, the number and scope of formal partnerships across the district is being rationalised to take account of both the changing legislative environment and the difficulties in continuing to resource what is a wide and sometimes complex structure. As a result of that review the recommendation is that the Environment Partnership will be discontinued. The recommendation is that our work will be mainstreamed into the reduced number of partnerships that will continue and that, where necessary specific ‘Task and Finish’ groups may be established to deliver particular objectives. I suspect that many of us will support the idea of more mainstreaming of the issues that have occupied our time and I think that a key task (certainly for me as a member of the Board) will be to ensure that issues of sustainability and climate change are not ‘lost’ under the pressures of economic difficulty.

The work that the Partnership has done has I feel been of considerable benefit. Not only have we been able to learn from the good practice of partnership members but we have also been able to drive forward initiatives such as the Warm Home project, energy advice and support for businesses, the development and support of the district-wide climate change strategy and a significant input into the overall planning for the district. Alongside that have inevitably been frustrations over our ability to input into key decisions, and to the lack of any significant input into budget allocation decisions. It is also worth noting that in terms of helping to deliver the key national Indicators (NI5; NI167; NI186; NI192; NI195; NI198) we are ahead of target in every single indicator bar the last. That one, relating to travel to school is, many of you will recall, one that we have always had concerns about! So the Partnership does bow out having helped to deliver on those key national indicators that we were asked to focus on!

Most important of all has been the strong sense of engagement and commitment from the members of the Partnership. It has been a real pleasure for me to chair the meetings and I am very grateful to you for all the support, enthusiasm and passion that you have put into our work. I do hope that we will be able to draw on that goodwill as we look to ensure that sustainability remains at the centre of any district-wide strategies that emerge.

Once again my thanks for all your support and help

 Best wishes


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Coppice / Greenwood Course

Swartha Wood, Swartha, nr Silsden GR SE:053466

Forest of Bradford are running two weekend coppice / greenwood courses on January 29th - 30th and February 15th - 16th. The course will address the key skills in green woodworking including

  • The nature and properties of wood.
  • Uses of particular types of tree.
  • Care and maintenance of edge tools and saws / safe use.
  • Finding good timber and safe harvesting, measuring and processing
  • Practical coppicing of Sycamore and Elm
  • Splitting and shaping up coppiced wood

Taught by industry professional Ed Kyrke, the venue is a beautiful ancient semi natural woodland  in mid Airedale that was last coppiced 50 years ago ( map available on request ).

           What should you bring

  • Warm waterproof clothing
  • Stout boots with good grip or wellington
  • A packed luch and drink

  Cost £80 made payable to BEAT, for further information and to secure your booking please contact Ian Butterfield on 01274 487270 or e-mail

Hedge Laying Courses

Forest of Bradford is running a number of hedge laying events this year in partnership with local hedge layer Edward Kyrk. The courses will be held at Mydlleton Grange and Nel BAnk Environment Centre in Ilkley. No previous experience is needed all the tools are provided and skills will be taught by Ed over the weekend.

22nd - 23rd January Mydellton Grange, Langbar Road, Ilkley, LS29 0EB GR: SE109490

5th - 6th February Mydellton Grange, Langbar Road, Ilkley, LS29 0EB GR: SE109490

19th - 20th February Mydellton Grange, Langbar Road, Ilkley, LS29 0EB GR: SE109490

5th - 6th March Nell Bank, Denton Road, Ilkley, LS29 0DE GR: SE126486

19th - 20th March Nell Bank, Denton Road, Ilkley, LS29 0DE GR: SE126486

The courses are run over two days at a cost of £80.00 payable to BEAT. Please bring warm, waterproof outdoor clothing and bring a packed lunch and hot drink. Contact Ian Butterfield on 01274 487270 or for further details or check the courses link on the website

Gardeners Question Time from Bradford available on listen again

If you missed Gardeners Question Time broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 7th and 9th January, you can still catch the programme on listen again.  Just click on the link:  GQT from BCEP 

Coming soon - Bradford's Potato Day

Over 40 varieties of seed potato - many of them organic - will be available at Exhibition Hall, Saltaire on Saturday 19 February.  Please see for varieties available.

Radio 4 - Gardener's Qusetion Time in Bradford

Have you got any gardening questions? Bring them along to the conference room at Carlisle Business Centre on Tuesday 7 December, where BCEP's Grow Organic team is hosting BBC Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time.

Doors open at 5.30pm, and recording will start at 6.30pm and finish at 7.30pm. The programme will be broadcast on 14 January 2011.

Tickets are £2.50 each, which includes light refreshments.

To get your tickets (maximum order is 4 tickets), send a stamped addressed envelope, together with a cheque made out to Bradford Community Environment Project to:

Unit 13
Carlisle Business Centre
Carlisle Road

Call 01274 223236 if you have any queries.

Job vacancy: Roots and Fruits Project Worker

Please see attachment for information on a job with Thorpe Edge Community Project.

Deadline Monday 18th October.

Job ad roots and fruits thorpe edge.doc304 KB