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Bradford LETS is launched!

Bradford LETS has joined the BEF website. This scheme allows members to purchase goods and services from fellow members without the need for hard currency.

The scheme is open to the general public of Bradford (and surrounding Yorkshire area). Once in the scheme you may use the directory service on this web site.

Since payment comes in the nature of 'favour', there is no hard cash involved, though the scheme does use a currency by which to measure how much favor you have using the alternative currency of Looms and Weaves. In a simplistic sense, Looms can be thought of as £pounds and Weaves as pence.

If you are interested in joining the scheme, have further questions or would like to offer help in running it, please email:

join@bradfordlets .org

Bradford Fruit Share Project

Do you have trees or bushes with more fruit or nuts than you know what to do with?

We do the harvesting, you take what you want and the rest we give away to the local community!

Project run entirely by volunteers. If you are
interested in helping or know of groups that can make use of the produce please contact:
transitionbradford "at" hotmail "dot" co "dot" uk (punctuation replaced with "words" to avoid spammers)

Click the attachment below for the flyer. If you could print it off and put it up anywhere that would be great. One of the attachments is a quadruple version of the leaflet so that it may be printed off 2 or 4 to a page.

fruitshareA5leaflet.pdf1.17 MB
fruitshareA5leafletquadruple.pdf4.57 MB

Manorlands Big K Mtb Challenge

Hello to you all,

Please find attached details of the Manorlands Big K Mtb Challenge.

The event starts from Oxenhope and takes in the trails and bridleways around the Stanbury and Wycoller areas.

The event is marshalled and includes feed stations.

For more information please see the attachment.


Could you please forward on to any of your contacts who may be interested.


Richard Taylor


Active Coaching UK

07982 730196

Bronte Big K Mountain Bike Challenge poster and entry form.pdf397.45 KB

Environment Partnership Introductory Meeting

The all new Environment Partnership will have its first meet the panelists meeting on Friday the  5th. See attached agenda and briefing documents, including Terms of Reference for the Partnership and representatives on it..

The main item of interest for Friday the 5th is article 


Partners first thoughts on their contribution and how the Partnership can make a difference

Partners comments on their organisation’s contribution to the Partnership


40 mins

It would be helpful to have an upto date view of what BEF members can contribute to the Environment partnerships priorities. (See briefing)






Partners who have signed-up to the target




Enhancing transport & connectivity

NI 198: Children travelling to school – mode of travel usually used

Measured Jan 2007

Outturn Jan 2009

Outturn Jan 2010

Outturn Jan 2011













A more sustainable environment which has a positive effect on climate change.

NI 186: Per capita CO2 emissions in the LA area


(2005 emission figure)




CBMDC; Environment Agency; University of Bradford; tPCT;








A greener environment which makes best use of natural resources.

NI 192: Percentage of household waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting













A cleaner district & cleaner neighbourhoods.

NI 195: Improved street and environmental cleanliness:


levels of graffiti


levels of litter


levels of detritus


levels of fly posting

To be collected during 2008/09






 Unfortunately I can't attend the meeting on the 5th, but the other BEF representatives will be there.


I will be attending the meeting on the 26th so if you want to forward your organisations thoughts on how they can help address the above priorities I am happy to comply them and present them to the Env' partnership.

You can email me at and please mark it for my attention.





Agenda - 5th Sept..doc38 KB
DRAFT Agenda 26th Septem..doc57 KB
Briefing.doc59.5 KB
DRAFT Terms of Ref - August 08.doc45 KB

A framework for Pro-environmental behaviours

Defra have recently released the attached report following research on public attitudes to environmentally beneficial behavoiur change.

It includes the current 12 most environmentally beneficial behavours, public attitudes to them and the carbon benefits of each.

The summary is worth a read at least.

The upshot is if your a vegetarian who holidays in the UK and gets about on a bike or bus then you doing OK. 

behaviours-jan08-report.pdf678.04 KB

Venue sought for 2 day Introduction to Permaculture Course

We are looking for a venue for a two day course Saturday 25 October - Sunday 26 October

We need space for up to 24 people ideally with some outdoor space as well.

Please email cathyfowler72(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk if you know of anywhere suitable.

Please let me know if members of your organisation are interested in attending the course.



Northern Gas environmental grants

Northern Gas has a new environmental support scheme for Northern England. The scheme seeks to distribute £60,000 to groups, organisations and projects within the Northern Gas Networks area - covering northern Cumbria the North East, North, East and West Yorkshire. It asks for entries ranging from small scale local projects which will deliver environmental benefits to a small area through to larger landmark programmes which have a wider remit.

Application forms can be found at

or call 0113 397 5322 for a hard copy

Closing date 1st September 2008

Nell Bank Outdoor Ed. Centre needs your vote for lottery funding!

Click the following link to vote for the Nell Bank Outdoor Education Centre near Ilkley to receive lottery funding.

Click the following link to find out more about the centre.

Free 6 x 8 feet Greenhouse if you collect

If you would like the free greenhouse you will have to dismantle it and take it away. My mother in law wants to get rid of hers having not used it for years.
It is 6ft x 8ft aluminimum, one or two of the panes of glass need replacing.
She lives in the Lidget Green area.

If interested contact:

Jackie Greenwood

01274 436728

Latest BEF Newsletter

Click the attachment to read interesting things about the activities of BEF members and some of the wider environmental happenings in the district.

bef newsletter Jun08 web version.pdf104.36 KB