Food Links Network (FLINT)

Aim: To establish and support community bulk-buy fruit and vegetable groups through giving advice and training, supplying equipment and the bulk-buy5 A Day purchasing scheme.

During 2004/2005 the programme successfully supported 30 groups including developing 22 new community food groups across the district. This work was enhanced by the recruitment of an apprentice from Shipley Healthy Living Initiative (HALE), who has worked directly with many emerging groups. Training (manual lifting, MIDAS, book-keeping, food hygiene and nutrition) has been provided to 90 people, while equipment (including trolleys, cash tills, fridges and weighing scales) at a total cost of £17,514 was delivered to participants. There were also exchange visits to the Scottish Community Diet Project and Sheffield’s Heeley City Farm’s local food groups.

FLINT has also established the bulk-purchasing scheme which flourished during 2004/2005 and was used by 16 groups, ten of which were regular, taking delivery of £21,776 worth of fresh fruit and vegetables. A few groups closed during early 2005 and a few issues over outstanding bills have arisen. Procedures have since been reviewed and tightened whilst still enabling the community groups to make this vital link to the wholesale market supplying affordable fresh fruit and vegetables.

Raising awareness of a balanced diet and encouraging the consumption of five portions of fruit and vegetables a day was also tackled by the programme with attendance at many community events, together with the production of the BCEP Five-A-Day recipe cards, regular mail shots and group meetings.

The FLINT programme continues but at a lower level of intensity to previous years. Whilst some groups are doing exceedingly well, increasing turnover and membership, other groups appear to be experiencing difficulties now that the level of support has reduced. BCEP is exploring alternative models of support to continue the scheme in the future.

Funding body: Bradford and Airedale Teaching Primary Care Trust


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